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My Sewing Journey

When I first started sewing a couple of months ago my first project was an apron.  It was fun pinning and cutting.  When I started sewing it just didn’t look right, I thought it would come out perfect on the first try.  So I left the apron alone and I began researching and reading blogs about sewing.  I was able to find some interesting groups on Facebook and some awesome YouTube videos.  There are some amazing and talented folk out there.   I told myself I could make my own clothes that would accommodate my 5’11 height from the comforts of my own home.  Being tall has its advantages and disadvantages and finding pants long enough is a HUGE disadvantage.  I’m forever grateful to my favorite store NYCO for having stylish and tall clothing.

Since I didn’t get the wow factor for the apron it was suggested that I try a pillow case.

First Pillowcase

First Pillow3

The pillow case did the trick and I was off to buy patterns and fabric.

Confession:  I’m known for starting or making one thing and moving on to something else.  So, yes, I only have one pillow case.

Since then I’ve made a couple of skirts and sundresses that I’ve actually worn.

As I learn how to sew and keep up with this blog, this will be a journey full of laughs and tears.



Long Pants to Shorts

I wish pattern companies would make separate pieces for turning pants into shorts.  Maybe I want to make shorts the first time and long pants the next.  If I make the shorts first then I have to figure out the length for the pants and vice versa.  Who wants to go through all that, I don’t.  I definitely don’t want to buy the same pattern again.

I’m using McCalls M6933.

McCall's M6933

So, I figured an easier way would be to fold the pattern piece to the length indicated on the pattern and pin it.

Fold Pattern



Mistake Gone Right

How many times have you made something and the idea was just fab at the time?  I decided to make a halter top out of a scrap sundress I made earlier.  It seemed to be a grand idea.  I even tried it on while holding the back together.  It still looked doable.  Started hemming the edges and that even went smoothly.  Seaming went well also.  The disaster came when I tried it on.  I clearly didn’t have enough room to move around in.  Something that is draped over your body is VERY different than when it is sewn, lol.


This was my vision.





Looks nice and simple right.  I have no clue why I thought I could use just this one piece.  No account was taken for the back, I thought an easy fix would be a seam down the back.



When that failed I stared at it a few minutes and decided since I had the seam all finished I could cut straight across add some elastic and have a mini skirt.



Here’s how it turned out.

Mini Mistake


Mini Mistake

If you have a desire to design your own halter top, unlike me, here’s some examples.

English: Halter neck

English: Halter neck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









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